Creative Glasses, Made In Italy

VANNI pays homage to Giovanni Vitaloni, Vanni to his friends, born in Milan in 1907. An artist with a mind for technical thinking, founder and inspiration of the family entrepreneurship for generations to come.

VANNI eyeglasses were born in Turin in 1990, made to see the world. They are equally at home in Milan, Paris, New York, Tokyo, and Sydney. VANNI is at the forefront of the industry of creative eyewear design. Its beauty is a mix of genius, culture, and style, and never accidental: it’s a distillation of thirty years of research and experimentation.

Design of the VANNI collections is entrusted to the company’s own style center, dedicated to the planning and creation of the product lines, manufactured in Italian factories,and distributed in over 40 countries. The Made in Italy touch is present in every tiny detail. When it comes to colour, daring, mixing, and creating unique pairings has always been our challenge.

VANNI is not so much craftsmanship as limited-edition industry.

In 2021VANNI Eyewear becomes a benefit corporation (Società Benefit) taking formal responsibility overall the social and environmental impacts of its business.





Beautiful glasses, creating value

In 2021 VANNI takes on the form of a “Benefit Corporation” (Società Benefit), through a transformation of its Statute, having undertaken a journey toward the full assumption of responsibility over the effects of its actions on the society and on nature. In Italy, this corporate typology applies to the companies that pursue objectives of common good- beyond those of profit- in their corporate purpose.

Guided by the new goals outlined in its Statute VANNI means to bring about, through its activities, a medium to long-term change in the impacts it produces.

It is not a surface-level makeover, but rather an undertaking of substantial responsibility to make visible, and thereby measurable, a model of good business that VANNI believes to have embodied since the start, thus encouraging the spread of positive and responsible practices.

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Thinking and producing in an eco-compatible way means prioritising the protection of our relationship with nature, today and in the future.

Translated into industry chain terms, this means controlling every phase of the production process, responsibly. The materials of the VANNI glasses are processed in a way that limits waste, slowing down the production of moulds and equipment, limiting packaging, using recyclable materials as much as possible. The pieces remaining from the use of our celebrated exclusive acetate slabs give rise to CHARMS, a collection of surprising pendants and earrings.

Sustainable and fashionable to the core, our glasses are made to last.

We try to do better every day. On one point we’re sure that we are particularly efficient: our glasses are realised only 400 kilometres from our headquarters, entirely on Italian soil. It’s not kilometre 0 production, but it comes close, guaranteeing the best of limited-edition manufacture.



For a choice without compromises the VANNI glasses are entirely Made In Italy,manufactured in small production units of our territory.The quality of the glasses is the fruit of stylistic and technological research, the use of top raw materials, and a highly specialised workforce.

Nine months to the moment of birth:concentration and craftsmanship pervade every single step of the planning, prototyping, and production.


For eyewear it’s considered the most precious and sophisticated material: it’s the only plastic substance not derived from petroleum; it comes from natural origins, extracted from tufts of cotton. The exclusive block acetate the VANNI collections are realised in is like a work of art, a mix of craftsmanship and millimetric precision. Unique and yet recognisable. Like a painter that creates colours and spreads them on canvas, VANNI invents materials and transforms them into frames. A hand that builds, layer on layer, block on block, the three-dimensional designs of solid plastic.



The lighter and more comfortable the better when it comes to eyewear. VANNI’s metal frames are made from steel sheets well under a millimetre thin. The sheets are cut in a process called photoengraving;a sophisticated technology that comes in handy when working with incredibly small dimensions.

Then there’s laser cutting, used to make frames with even thinner metal; an incision process that fuses the metal using a powerful ray beam.