Autofocus8 – The winners

Visual Art Project Prize: Milena Rossignoli

Video Project Prize: Paolo Bandinu

Performance Art Project Prize: Lorenzo Abattoir

Photography Project Prize : Irene Dionisio

Autofocus – Young Art Competition

VANNI eyes the world of young art with a mixture of curiosity and passion, wishing to keep the link with contemporary creativity alive and vibrant.

Our interest in art is not a device to hook a public, but a way of considering creativity: an area in which, despite practical differences, the muse of design inspiration and that spawning works of art range freely.

VANNI has invested in art for a decade. Back in 2006, before promoting contemporary art became a fashion, VANNI spent three years supporting the most important art fair in the sector, Artissima. In 2009 we created the competition Autofocus, banking on young emerging artists.

The 8th edition of Autofocus international event for talented young creative is promoted in liaison with GAI – the Association for the Circuit of Young Italian Artists.

Autofocus 2016 call to entry

We are kicking off the 8th edition of AUTOFOCUS, inviting entries to VANNI‘s international competition dedicated to young European artists and creative talent promoted in liaison with GAI. This year we are extending the project and doubling the creative categories. As well as our existing awards for best visual art and best performance art, we are adding awards for best video and best photography.

Competition entries are welcome in any artistic media, genre or technical application. Entries must be received by midnight of 10 September 2016.

The Calendar of 2016 Autofocus events

27 May- 30 June
The Project Space Autofocus/VANNI in Turin presents Francesco Pergolesi, winner of the  Autofocus prize for photography at The Others 2015

27 May, launch of the 2016 Autofocus call to entry

10 September, deadline for submitting 2016 entries

21 September, publication of the results of 2016 call to entry

27 October, inauguration of the Autofocus 2016 winning exhibition project in Turin, together with the staging of the winning performance and video.

Autofocus8 winners