VANNI meets the art world with a mixture of curiosity and passion, keeping alive the link with contemporary creative talent.

Our interest in art is not a device to hook a public, but a way of considering creativity: an area in which, despite practical differences, the muse of design inspiration and that spawning works of art range freely.

VANNI has invested in art through our international art competition, Autofocus, which since 2009 has rewarded over 40 young emerging artists by sustaining their creative journey and purchasing their work, organizing over 20 exhibitions.

In 2019, following 20 years of involvement in the art world and in collaboration with Artissima (the international contemporary art fair in Turin dedicated to emerging talent), VANNI kicks-started a project to create a capsule collection of eyewear that incorporates manufacturing and design excellence with the breath of fresh air of emerging contemporary artistic talent.

Stay tuned to discover the project that will be launched on 1-3 November 2019 at Artissima.

Autofocus – International Young Art Competition

Autofocus 2009-2018. Here we stand with more than a pang of emotion, having celebrated  10 years of VANNI in art. Who would have thought it? We threw ourselves into it, back in 2009, highly motivated, and fired simply by curiosity about contemporary art.

The name Autofocus came immediately, chosen as a label for our projects. It derived, of course, from the camera, hinting at the world of eyewear which is our own milieu, though also at the personal focus that all artists train on their inner psyche and the world around them.

Autofocus, VANNI eyewear’s competition to encourage emerging art, promoted in liaison with GAI – the Association for the Circuit of Young Italian Artists has so far crowned 40 artists and put on over 20 personal shows at a gallery space that has grown from a portion of an eyewear showroom into a project-space consecrated to art.

For the company to invest in emerging art ten years ago was far from an obvious decision, let alone a marketing strategy. From the outset our wish was to carve out an area of freedom in which to fuel VANNI creativity. We would gather visions of contemporary art that captured the spirit of the upcoming generations with all their bursting poetic vitality and freedom from ties and conventions. We sought a meeting point between creative design and creative art, worlds and goals apart. We, a branch of wholly Torinese eyewear open 360° upon the world, were bent on capturing the universal throb of youthful art, sensing that from that dialogue VANNI productivity might draw inspiration.

Looking back today, we think the target was attained. Autofocus gave each award-winner a chance to exhibit to and meet a public of more than just insiders. Each received a catalogue and a purchase offer prize. With these last VANNI has built up its own private collection which is now adorning the company premises, representing the vitality of emerging art. Our best wishes to the artists we have met, that they may go on down that path they have so determinedly embarked on.

You can download our Art Book that follows 10 years of Autofocus, the VANNI international art competition.

Autofocus10 winner