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VANNI harks back to Giovanni Vitaloni, Vanni to his friends, born Milan, 1907. An artist with a technical bent, founder and inspirer of family entrepreneurship for generations to come.

VANNI is the cutting edge of creative eyewear. Beauty stemming from the spark of genius duly mixed with culture and style. Nothing obvious: this is a distillation of 25 years’ research and experiment. The made in Italy touch breathes from every detail. Like a perfume, project-pervading.

VANNI prescription- and sunwear kicked off in Turin in 1990, a look that would tour the world and be at home in Milan, Paris, New York, Tokyo and Sydney. In eyewear design VANNI means genuine originality applied to spectacle manufacture. To mix and create unique combinations: that is our challenge, our constant ‘dare’, and colour is our second name.

VANNI is not so much craftsmanship as limited-edition industry.


At VANNI we mean what we say.

The label “Made in Italy” frequently appears on products that although may have been conceived or designed in Italy are all too often are not actually made in Italy.

For VANNI Made in Italy is a promise that signifies not only a rigorous creative design process but also a longstanding collaboration with our highly specialized Italian manufacturing partners. Our eyewear is handmade by artisans whose skill and knowledge has been passed down through generations and who produce the highest quality craftsmanship with the latest precision machinery.

VANNI is proud to sustain and be part of this manufacturing excellence that Italy represents, promoting beautiful crafted products that our country has been exporting worldwide since the Renaissance.

MADE IN ITALY, for sure means that VANNI takes Substantial Responsibility during every phase of the production process: from concept and design to the sourcing of materials and components from local suppliers and manufacture in Italian factories of excellence. With no international supply chain our carbon footprint is minimal and our quality control is efficient and responsive, monitoring and insuring that our high standards are always delivered.

VANNI guarantees a genuine A to Z Made in Italy product, and that’s for sure.


Dreaming up the VANNI collections is left to the in-house style centre responsible for designing and creating all product lines. Research into style and technology underlie eyewear quality, as do prime raw materials and specialist workmanship.

VANNI glasses are entirely made in Italy: no bluff, no compromise. Another commitment: we design our own exclusive, inimitable materials. Personalized acetate – something rare on the world eyewear scene. Metal frames go in for the latest technology, put to novel use: laser cutting and multi-level photo-engraving on sheet steel experiment with, and borrow from, processes and treatments in other walks of industry. Assembly is by hand, meticulous.



cellulose acetate is a cotton derivative. Getting a unique pattern into a block of acetate is like creating a work of art: craftsmanship blending with millimetre precision. A hand laying foil on foil, block on block, 3-D painting in solid plastic.

In digital-controlled five-axis machinery slabs of acetate off the block are milled into frame fronts. A bolting process smoothes away any imperfections. Then hand assembly ensures perfect wearability, glasses that sit comfortably on any face.


Thin means cool. VANNI’s metal frames come from sheet steel well under one millimetre thick. The sheet is cut by photo-engraving, the technology of choice when it comes to micro-dimensions. For even thinner frame metal, laser cutting is used. The ray trained on the material is enough to cause fusion. No contact, no deforming of the metal as happens with mechanical machining.

The various components are assembled by precision soldering and then comes the moment for surface decoration. This is the artistic side to manufacture, when colour and surface treatment are applied by hand to creative specifications, all with the utmost care.