Metal glasses are making a comeback in the optical world: light, comfortable and loved by many. Alhough previous market offerings have not been particularly imaginative, VANNI has continously persevered and experimented with new ways of working in stainless steel and bronze. With Surf-ing VANNI makes metal shine. The new surface finishes are at the cutting edge of research and design development of the Italian brand. The courage to experiment with an ecletic mix of elements not normally used in the optical world. The payoff: Surf-ing

For 2016 VANNI proposes 2 exciting series: our delicate WATERCOLOUR, inspired by the ripples of colour when light hits water: blue and black, turquoise and green, copper and brown and red and violet,  and FINGERPRINT, which evokes the ghost-like trace of the digital fingerprint. A series of elegant satin veneers in violet turquoise, red blue, or vibrant blended tones super-imposed onto a black base.

Surf-ing is a unisex collection with a range of feminine and masculine shapes.