VANNI Magazine March 2018

New VANNI Magazine with a focus on 2018 S/S trends and collections.


They claim it to be the colour of the year. The ultraviolet that rages on the catwalks and among the 2018 accessory collections is a colour that is for both the strong and more peaceful hearted; facilitating spiritual reflection or according to chromo therapy, driving creative force. But it is not the only colour that accompanies us towards summer, watch out for yellow in a myriad of tones as well as red and blue: primary colours that impeccably dress any style.

Dresses and suits

In changing times, women this season will be wearing feminine suits, long and light perfumed by floral prints and patterned with butterflies with delicate washed out and mixed up tones in transparent and ultra-light fabrics.

Men will wear suits that dress down the classic managerial style or formalize sportswear, in a contrary dialogue that tends to reassure and offer an understated nonchalance. A tribute to optimism which notwithstanding our uncertain times, certainly cheers you up


Shoes, bags and eyewear are all going a bit crazy this season, trying to be the centre of attention, objects of desire that live in their own world detached from the clothing that they adorn. Boots made from strange materials like netting and lace with hundreds of ties and laces; simple sandals embellished with feathers or fur (yes, also on the beach!) and bags that have shrunk from gigantic to tiny, decorated with crystals, studs and chains.

In eyewear we see vivacious materials, in a creative patchwork of colours and geometric patterns, because personalisation is the new “cool”. Not to lose sight of, literally, for the first time in years, are micro frames, also as sunglasses. We at VANNI can bet that these will be the trends that will accompany us in the coming months.