VANNI MAGAZINE – LA FORMA DEL GUSTO (The shape of good taste)

This magazine takes us to a place in our city which is also an international success story – Eataly, where our best traditional food meets the culinary art of a Michelin chef – Casa Vicina. Like us Eatatly and Casa Vicina interpret taste as beautiful, exceptional and well made.

Follow us as we go shopping, and taste the delicacies prepared by someone who innovates traditional dishes as a vocational mission in life. You will find the ingredients that are the foundation of our everyday life. And the shape of our eyewear.

A collection that has chosen for the 2018 season to focus on the search of new materials combining them in new ways and innovating the use of colour, proposing variations from thousands of sophisticated shades. WIRED, SPIRIT and PIXEL are the acetates conceived by the VANNI design centre, while back to our roots with the intention to add value and offer renewed innovation, the collection finds explosive and extraordinary combinations of acetates and metals (COMBI). It wouldn’t be a VANNI without the principal ingredient: colour, proposing variations from thousands of sophisticated shades.

Italy, appreciated throughout the world for its rich culinary traditions , is a source of inspiration and example of excellence. The interpretation and the knowledge of “Italian taste” for Eataly Torino Lingotto and the Casa Vicina Restaurant have always been both an art and a challenge.

Eat better, live better: the motto of Eataly, which opened the first food and wine centre in Torino Lingotto, 11 years ago on the 27th of January 2007. On the site of the old Carpano factory, a space was created where you can find high quality products in an original format, where you can buy, eat and learn. The benches and shelves are rich with the best local and traditional products and  the various restaurants offer open kitchens, genuine and seasonal menus, cellars with maturing wines and cheeses, a wine bar that stocks over 50,000 bottles , cooking classes, guided tasting sessions, meetings with famous chefs and free food education.  A celebration of the enormous biodiversity and quality that our territory has to offer, providing a 360 degree culinary experience.

Eataly now has a network of over 38 stores in Italy, USA, Middle and Far East, Germany, Denmark, Russia and Brasil.