New VANNI Magazine with a focus on winter trends and collections.

It’s almost Christmas, which gives us an exciting excuse to make that purchase that is unjustifiable other times of the year.
To come up with wish list ideas, I browsed sites and fashion magazines, abandoning the fashion blogger for once, slightly repelled by rumours of lucrative deals struck with wealthily brands. This can also apply to sites and magazines but I suppose we have to be guided by someone. What’s important is to calibrate our personal aesthetic and taste without falling foul to the calls of the voracious consumerism.
Here are some suggestions.

On New Year’s Eve we can indulge ourselves and stay on trend, because fashion is sparkling. Everything shimmers with glitter and sequins in every shape and size. Gold dominates womenswear and accessories, from bags to shoes and obviously, eyewear. A winter antidote. The only advice is keep it simple, better a touch of sparkle than the lantern effect.

Womenswear & Menswear

There are a lot of looks out there: it’s the year of the 70’s disco revival contrasted with the Nordic style with oversized Icelandic jumpers, or long pleated skirts as well as the gaucho comeback. The truth is, that whatever the look, the overlying trend is layering and the more layers the better with different combinations of colours, shapes and fabrics. We can counter balance the dismal economic and political climate with a happy and disorderly vibe.

Menswear trends always rely on taking the usual classic style and shaking it up like a cocktail. It always produces a different result, but the ingredients remain the same. The tailor-made suit, the tartan or tweed coat and the leather jacket never say die. This year however, sees the introduction of more technical and refined fabrics like velvet and brocades, with touches of printed and graphic detailing.
Brown seems to win the colour contest, mixed up with red and orange: steady men with a whimsical touch.


As we have previously noted, designers go crazy with shoes. Vicious stilettos that James Bond could use as a lethal weapon, wellington boots in unusual colours and materials including lace. Wedges are on the way out and heals have grown wings, flames and crowns, more like sculpture than footwear.
Backless loafers are a big hit this year. I’m not sure that they are super practical or warm enough for the winter, but they are literally everywhere.
For headgear turn to your grandma’s closet; knitted berets for the urban warrior look and earmuffs are back big time, strolling down every catwalk.
Eyewear favours the cat-eye, eternally feminine and a style revival that is refusing to go out of fashion. The frames have become smaller, a long way from previous oversized trends, embellished with coloured lenses (as well as on optical glasses) giving a magnetic look.