The VANNI visual campaign continues into 2019: after tasting our traditional dishes, now we are going to show you how we make them.

The good taste of both Italian food and our VANNI eyewear continue to synchronise to represent our authenticity and what makes us so special. This time we want to capture the moment of alchemy and creation of our delectable cuisine: VITAL PIECES OF KITCHEN EQUIPMENT SUCH AS  the “the guitar” as it produces our famous thick  spaghetti, or the CLASSIC pasta-maker (found in every self-respecting Italian home)  that stretches and cuts the sheet of pasta into succulent lasagne or home-made tagliatelle, and the pan that slowly cooks the best creamy Milanese risotto.

Every recipe is a perfect blend of Italian know-how and quality ingredients. The same applies to VANNI eyewear: creating shapes with our infaticabile taste, offering the possibility of a personalized touch of style to suit any individual. We add nothing more, as anyone can appreciate the imprint of Italian good taste: the delicate balance of shape and substance that is beautiful and well-made.

Simply VANNI. Made in Italy, for sure