VANNI’s Accent Collection adds an accent of colour to its ultra-thin acetate frames making them unique and very feminine, while the VANNI uomo new models are for the man who accepts the challenges of a modern aesthetic

VANNI Accent: a feminine collection of eyewear in vivacious block colour

VANNI’s Accent Collection adds an accent of colour to its acetate frames making them unique. A palette of vivacious and exuberant colours in sophisticated opalines, creates a new semantic for the brand that is celebrated in the eyewear world for its fresh, light and original colour combinations and designs.

VANNI presents 8 accents of good humour for this season: 2 iconic light and dark blues, brilliant scarlet red, a vital orange, luminous mint green, purple that gravitates to bordeaux as well as pale pink and an ethereal transparent crystal. The luminescent colours are the result of a three different layers of acetate block that are glued together. Single colour, transparent and tinted, and wafer-thin pearled effect acetate sheets give the frames an extraordinary luminous quality, in female or unisex shapes.

VANNI Accent and VANNI uomo: unmistakable style, unmistakable personality. Made in Italy, for sure.

VANNI uomo

The man who wears VANNI accepts the challenges of a modern aesthetic. A collection of sunglasses designed entirely for men, in unmistakable VANNI style. Studied for the discerning customer, from initial concept to final design and produced in the best Italian factories, VANNI uomo  is a collection of eyewear that offers the contemporary man the comfort of the light-weight frame combined with a style that rejects cliché.

For the man that likes to wear a tailored suit but that also likes to explore his passions with a free spirit, these VANNI acetate frames offer a perfect combination of classic shapes and courageous but unostentatious colours.