VANNI and the Holden School: second workshop dedicated to digital story telling

In every book, it is the first chapter that stimulates us to keep reading. The second chapter starts getting to the heart of the matter.

In the same way VANNI invites eyewear retailers from Piedmont, the Aosta Valley and Liguria for a digital storytelling training day, the second chapter of a “narrative” kick-started last year together with the Holden School of Turin.

The workshop will take place on the 3rd of June in a classroom of the school (opened 20 years ago by Italian well celebrated writer Alessandro Baricco), presided over by Alice Avallone, expert and coordinator of the College of Digital Storytelling, #INSTAGRAM & ITS SURROUNDINGS: HIGH PROFILE DIGITAL STORIES, IMAGES AND WORDS. An intriguing workshop on how to appear original, extra-ordinary and seductive on-line, illustrating your own activity with effective images and words.

An initiative by VANNI, reserved to optical retailers, to help them understand how to engage customers on-line, inform them on what they expect to see and how to capture their imagination, starting with a high profile Instagram story.

The goal, obviously, to promote creative and original designer eyewear: strictly Made in Italy, for sure.