VANNI and CARIOCA #masterofcolors

We have returned to childhood for a day, playing with VANNI eyewear and the colouring pens and pencils of CARIOCA.

A new colourful location for our latest VANNI photo shoot. The new patterns of our Pixel collection meet with the myriad of colours of the pens, pencils and pastels of CARIOCA, the historic Turin art materials company that export their products worldwide, waving the creative flag for “Made in Italy” just like VANNI.

We spent an entire day in the factory with Alice and Francesca, playing with every type of art material for writing and drawing in cascades of colours in hundreds of different shades, looking for chromatic similarities that enhance the new colour variations of PIXEL collection in exclusive acetate.

The Pixel collection is dominated by spring-like fuschia, electric blue and a gutsy red, the pattern mimicking the world of digital graphics, a network of tiny squares that replicate the information units that make up the digital image.

Elaborated in varied sections of different coloured micro cubes and highlighting the transparency of the material, this seasons Pixel proposes nuances of pink, both pearl and anthracite grey as well as warm tones of red and burgundy.

Photos by: Paolo Formica