Our life today is increasingly invaded by digital graphics. Raster, the new collection of VANNI eyewear, draws inspiration from the digital present and a term commonly used by 21st century graphic designers.

The weave of the Raster eyewear collection, created exclusively by VANNI, conjures up the tight graphic lattice that contains the infinitesimal information of a pixelated digital image. Raster reproduces a compact, high resolution, iridescent and consequently changing checker board: the precision of the colourful micro lines merging with the overlapping material, creating the optical illusion of a cubic geometric pattern.

The Raster acetates combine black with grey, brown with gold, blue with brown, or red with violet, to satisfy both the customer in search of a more conventional look and also those opting for a vibrant original style. Frames come with a combination of Raster sheet with one transparent colour, tone-on-tone or in two-colour contrast versions.

Styles to suit both the male and female customer. Classic, wide and rectangular for men; a feminine, wide rounded butterfly shape for women.

The season’s models include 5 ultra thin versions.