For the restaurant Casa Vicina, situated on the lower ground floor of Eatlay, the ability to “give shape to taste” with a legacy of 115 years and 15 generations,  is founded in reinterpreting traditional piedmont dishes, maintaining their authentic and traditional taste whilst experimenting with different recipes and presentation. The gourmet experience involves all the senses: a harmony between the dishes created by Michelin (1 star) chef Claudio Vicina and  his wife Anna Mastroianni and the selection of wines and creation of the dining experience  created by his brother Stefano Vicina.


Simple receipes that revisit the traditional  Piedmont kitchen, de-structured and personalized that please the eye and arouse curiosity with their elegant presentation. The unique and authentic tastes take you back to childhood memories of warm family gatherings.

DRINKABLE BAGNA CAUDA – revisitation of the classic piedmont antipasto served up in a Martini glass: an elegant hommage to the classic Turin aperitivo.

RUSSIAN SALAD AND TUNA MOUSSE –  hand cut vegetables, lightly steamed to preserve thier nutrients and vibrant colours , bound with a delicate mayonnaise, perfected by generations. The Russian Salad is served with a tuna mousse preserved in olive oil accompanied with a double layer olive cracker.

DURUM SPAGHETTI WITH MEAT SAUCE – The recipe for a perfect sauce.. grind the meat (ideally the day before and refrigerating until use) to the right consistency paying great attention to the temperature. Brown the meat in oil and butter (80% oil, 20% butter) then add the chpped carrots, onions and rosemary, adding a dash of full bodied red wine. Finally add the tomatoe sauce, a third of the quantity of the meat. Cook on a low heat for 2 hours, seasoning with salt and pepper as required.