VANNI Sparks the Glittering Eyeglasses Embellished With Swarovski Crystals®

22 November 2019/by Vanni Editor

Step into the art world with VANNI

31 October 2019/by Vanni Editor

Remaster by VANNI

14 October 2019/by Vanni Editor

VANNI’s Accent Collection adds an accent of colour to its ultra-thin acetate frames making them unique and very feminine, while the VANNI uomo new models are for the man who accepts the challenges of a modern aesthetic

30 August 2019/by Vanni Editor

VANNI summertime: sunglasses that get noticed

15 July 2019/by Vanni Editor

VANNI and the Holden School

30 May 2019/by Vanni Editor

VANNI e CARIOCA #masterofcolors

27 May 2019/by Vanni Editor

Spring time according to VANNI: the Monochrome collection

19 March 2019/by Vanni Editor

VANNI at work with the students of the IED

5 February 2019/by Vanni Editor

VANNI: La forma del gusto 2019

14 January 2019/by Vanni Editor

VANNI MAGAZINE December 2018

13 December 2018/by Vanni Editor

The mini is back

9 November 2018/by Vanni Editor

VANNI Tangram

4 October 2018/by Vanni Editor

VANNI Re-Master

5 September 2018/by Vanni Editor


20 July 2018/by Vanni Editor

VANNI e Scuola Holden

22 May 2018/by Vanni Editor


3 May 2018/by Vanni Editor


23 March 2018/by Vanni Editor


9 March 2018/by Vanni Editor

Spring colors for the new VANNI Monochromo

19 February 2018/by Vanni Editor

CASA VICINA: the piedmont kitchen is a family affair

9 February 2018/by Vanni Editor


24 January 2018/by Vanni Editor


8 January 2018/by Vanni Editor

VANNI Spirit

13 December 2017/by Vanni Editor


20 November 2017/by Vanni Editor

VANNI and contemporary art

31 October 2017/by Vanni Editor

VANNI participates in the World Week of Torino Design

9 October 2017/by Vanni Editor


28 July 2017/by Vanni Editor

New VANNI Magazine

12 July 2017/by Vanni Editor

MiniVì by VANNI Small is wise

16 June 2017/by Vanni Editor

Green light for the VANNI Young Art Season 2017

VANNI and the young art: a season full of events.

16 May 2017/by Vanni Editor

The VANNI’s creativity matches the Transitions lenses

10 May 2017/by Vanni Editor

New Monochromo VANNI Collection

8 May 2017/by Vanni Editor

Trends – Stripes

14 April 2017/by Vanni Editor

Shine On

3 April 2017/by Vanni Editor

50 Shades of Pink

16 March 2017/by Vanni Editor

VANNI Re-Master wins SPECTR AWARD 2017 in Copenhagen for most appealing design in Sunglasses Category

6 March 2017/by Vanni Editor

Graphic Mania

16 February 2017/by Vanni Editor

VANNI in London

3 February 2017/by Vanni Editor

Autofocus 8: here are the results of the VANNI art competition for young artists.

2 December 2016/by Vanni Editor

VANNI and NEMBOL a useful alliance for our eyewear retailers: from store to global e-commerce marketplace

21 October 2016/by Vanni Editor

VANNI and Kristina Ti: womenswear meets eyewear

23 September 2016/by Vanni Editor

Remaster by VANNI A new collection of eyewear that reinvents the masterpieces of the past.

Frames in metal and acetate that revisit the classics of eyewear…
23 September 2016/by Vanni Editor

A new look “Touch of VANNIty” for the VANNI Campaign 2016/2017

5 September 2016/by Vanni Editor

VANNI Magazine

29 June 2016/by Vanni Editor

COLOURS: the VANNI paint box

23 June 2016/by Vanni Editor

The relationship between VANNI eyewear and Matera is one of light and colour

For the setting of the new VANNI collection we have chosen a…
1 June 2016/by Vanni Editor

Green light for the VANNI young art season 2016

26 May 2016/by Vanni Editor

The VANNI Pixel: black is back

19 May 2016/by Vanni Editor

RASTER: the new eyewear collection in exclusive acetate

14 April 2016/by Vanni Editor

VANNI SURF-ING: a myriad of colourful metal surface finishes

4 April 2016/by Vanni Editor

VANNI presents the thinnest exclusive acetate glasses in the world

17 March 2016/by Vanni Editor


10 March 2016/by Vanni Editor

#atouchofvannity: MIDO sees the launch of the new VANNI eyewear collections

15 February 2016/by Vanni Editor

VANNI eyewear on the Italian TV

12 January 2016/by Vanni Editor

VANNI @ OPTI – Munich

30 December 2015/by Vanni Editor

VANNI Magazine takes off again with more than a touch of VANNIty

17 December 2015/by Vanni Editor

A touch of Eyewear Design at Torino City of Design

2 December 2015/by Vanni Editor

On-line the new sunglasses collection

27 November 2015/by Vanni Editor

VANNI Autofocus7

18 November 2015/by Vanni Editor

VANNI tour of the world

2 months in 5 countries and 3 continents

16 October 2015/by Vanni Editor

VANNI on high voltage

VANNI ad alta tensione veste i protagonisti della fiction gialla…
6 October 2015/by Vanni Editor

Autofocus 7: the results

The results of the art competition promoted by VANNI occhiali in…
2 October 2015/by Vanni Editor

VANNI on Milano Fashion Week catwalks

La capusle collection di occhiali VANNI FOR CRISTIANO BURANI…
25 September 2015/by Vanni Editor

VANNI is going to Paris

A fair that is also the showcase for the advanced world trends…
21 September 2015/by Vanni Editor

A touch of VANNIty – VANNI’s New Brand Image Campaign

VANNI launches a revolutionary brand image campaign building…
28 August 2015/by Vanni Editor

VANNI on D di Repubblica

From D, di Repubblica, Italian National newspaper and magazine,…
30 July 2015/by Vanni Editor

VANNI alla Venaria

VANNI goes to Venaria: beyond the scenes of #myroyaleyes

22 July 2015/by proposte

Silmo, le mondial de l’optique

Vanni @ Silmo 2015. 25-28 september, Padiglione 5A E109
21 July 2015/by proposte


Con questo Magazine in edizione speciale vi portiamo in uno dei…
20 July 2015/by proposte

VANNI @ Optikmassan

VANNI @ Optikmassan. 27-29 august 2015

19 July 2015/by proposte

VANNI on Preziosa magazine

VANNI on Preziosa Magazine. Photo: Ugo Ricciardi, Stylist: Anna…
18 July 2015/by proposte

VANNI & Ottica Sicoli

The coolest event of Lecce, in collaboration with Ottica Sicoli:…
16 July 2015/by proposte

L’armadio del delitto

Cècile, the fashion blogger who wears a vintage VANNI sung…
15 July 2015/by proposte


Indirizzato a giovani artisti e designer europei, il progetto…
14 July 2015/by proposte

VANNI and “Paper Haute Couture”

VANNI and "Paper Haute Couture".
Photographer: Henrik Bengtsson/Stylist:…
13 July 2015/by proposte


Luciana Littizzetto in Fuori Classe 3, with VANNI eyewear
10 July 2015/by proposte