Un tocco di VANNItà – la nuova campagna VANNI


VANNI launches a revolutionary brand image campaign building on its 25 year track record of exporting worldwide exclusively “Made in Italy” designer eyewear.

A touch of VANNIty is playful yet practical; an invitation to question and tickle your VANNIty, to seek and find your own individual style with a unique pair of glasses that characterizes and differentiates you as original.

The collection is literally “worn” by our 5 VANNI virtual protagonists (3 male, 2 female) photographed and printed onto lifelike head-shaped cushions. They are stylish, fashionable and quirky, exhibiting the limitless combinations of faces and eyewear that represent the VANNI customer.

A touch of VANNIty is the unexpected; a touch of magic and a touch of irony underpinned by the design, craftsmanship, quality and innovative materials that have created and sustained VANNI’s international brand reputation.

With this image VANNI combines a fresh and eccentric brand identity with a high impact display. It stops you in your tracks, grabs your attention.

VANNI su D di Repubblica

80 modelli l’anno e 600 punti vendita in Italia. Produce tutto in Veneto, ma VANNI è torinese e di nicchia: l’acetato è sartoriale, le produzioni limitate, il design di ricerca (come questi occhiali-mosaico ispirati al gioco Tangram). vanniocchiali.com.

Tratto da D di Repubblica del 25 luglio 2015 pagina 88.